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We finally got the keys today

We finally got the keys today, it has only taken us 6 months from starting the process, a lot of things have held us back but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. We now need to clean and wipe everything down, paint as the hall has been empty for a year it is damp in places and smells musty, we also need to have a clear out of things we don`t need. We need to do the jobs for health and safety, fire checks, legionnella checks, gas checks, asbestos checks and get the insurances and certificates we need to open. We are also now looking for volunteers to help us paint inside the hall and someone to help with outside jobs including the garden and weeds. We are all very excited as we can now see a way forward for getting our Village Hall back up and running. We have also contacted United Utilities and British Gas who had some lovely greeting letters for us as we opened the door today. We also sorted out changing the Business Rates today with Allerdale and went shopping for a lot of cleaning items and paint as a lot of the paint on the walls came off when we removed pictures that had been left on the wall in the hall and the hall needs freshening up as it has been empty for a year.

Here is some video that was posted live on Facebook of us going in the hall and showing everyone around it this morning.

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