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Finally received the Lease

This morning we finally received the lease for us to look over before signing and returning it, off Your Housing Group Solicitors. We did not even get past the letter that accompanied the lease before we noticed they had put the wrong name down, on looking through the lease further, the name is wrong all the way throughout the lease. We now need to return the lease for our name to go on instead. Absolutely unbelievable, we were on a high as we all thought we were so near to completing the lease and getting the keys, this is now going to set us back another few weeks. The thing that has most annoyed us is we had to send lots of our policies which are on this site to YHG each policy document has our name on the top and a logo, we had to up date a couple and resend them and yet they still couldnt get the name right on the lease. Words fail me as I write this, I am absolutly beyond putting words to how this has made us all feel this morning.

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