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Successfully secured the lease

We have now been formally told that we have successfully secured the lease for Harriston Village Hall, to say we are pleased is an understatement. We have all worked extremely hard putting a business plan together along with putting policies and procedures and risk assessments in place for when we finally get the keys to the hall. We have been told the lease will now go back to the solicitors to be re written, taking into account some minor adjustments that we have requested. One of these is securing a 10 year lease instead of a 3 year lease. It will then have to be signed by us and a senior officer from Your Derwent and Solway, before the keys can be handed over to us.

We now look forward to the day we open the village hall back up, it has stood empty for nearly a year, the hall smelled damp when we went around it for a viewing with the estate agent earlier this year, so before we do anything we will need to do a big clean up inside and will be looking for volunteers to help us with this.

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